Thursday, May 31, 2012

Golden Summer

It's been seven years since the first of our three children graduated from high school and the emptying of our nest began.  And every year around this time when graduation is just around the corner, I think about how I felt at the beginning of that summer:


I want a golden summer
before change walks in the door
I want to memorize the days
before one is gone
and two remain.

I want bright blue sunny days
and starry moonlit nights
to laugh and talk and dream and play
before five is four
and life is strange.

I want to wake up early
while the house is still asleep.
I want time to hope and pray
to read and write
and think.

I want the tang of lemonade,
the smoke of barbecue,
the ripe sweet red of berries,
and soft-serve
ice cream cones,

I want to stay up watching movies
and play every game we own.
I want to s t r e t c h out every minute,
and I want time
to s l o w.

I want to bounce with roof balls,
to soar high with a kite,
to skim the air with Frisbee flair,
to dip and skip
in flight.

I want to think about what was
and soak up all that is
before I face the what will be
when summer ends
and change begins.

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