Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meatloaf for Dinner?

As I already acknowledged in an earlier post, I was a picky eater as a kid.  The list of foods I didn't like was long, but at the very top of the list was MEATLOAF, a meal we had way too often.  I don't know if it was the minced onions (another food right near the top of the list) it contained or its texture that I disliked, but I just could not eat it.  My dad, a meatloaf lover, used to offer me a quarter to take a bite, and even though a quarter could buy a lot of candy in those days, I don't think I ever took him up on it.  I know many people consider meatloaf to be one of the ultimate comfort foods, but I just don't get it.  And as far as I'm concerned, the only thing worse than meatloaf is a meatloaf sandwich.  My children never even got the chance to turn up their noses at meatloaf because, of course, I never made it for them, and poor Steve, who actually likes meatloaf, hasn't had it in thirty years.  So imagine my surprise when I saw a recipe for Mexican Meatloaf on my favorite cooking blog earlier this week and couldn't get it out of my mind.  I kept re-opening the post, trying to decide if I could actually bring myself to make meatloaf.  I finally decided to go for it.  Right this very minute it's cooking away in my little Crockpot, and it's looking and smelling good!  Now, I'll admit a slow-cooker Mexican meatloaf is a pretty far cry from the classic meatloaf my mom used to make (which involved Quaker Oats and ketchup and the aforementioned minced onions), and I can't imagine I'll ever travel that far down the meatloaf path, but for a recovering picky eater, this is a major breakthrough!

P.S. Dad, when I get to heaven, you're going to owe me a quarter . . .

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