Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Memories

When I was in first grade, I got a big, purple, lacy valentine from red-headed, freckle-faced Eddie Humphrey.  It's been more than forty years since I've seen Eddie, but I've never forgotten him or that valentine.  Throughout elementary school, I remember turning shoe boxes into fancy valentine boxes by covering them with construction paper and doilies and cutting a slit in the top.  And I remember my mom making red Jello hearts surrounded by a frill of whipped cream.  When my kids were in elementary school, I remember them carefully filling out store-bought valentines for their classmates and working on homemade valentines for family.  I remember making heart-shaped pizza, jello hearts, and pink-frosted valentine cut-out cookies for them for dinner.  Just last year, I remember going to Buffalo to watch Em's basketball team play Daemen in a February 14th conference game.  The one thing I don't remember is going out for dinner with my husband on Valentine's Day.  Since my memory is poor, I asked Steve about it last night, and he got this puzzled look on his face and said, "I don't think we ever did, did we?"  I'm not sure why--February 14th couldn't have fallen on a school night every year for the past thirty years.  Maybe we were always either too busy, too tired, or too poor?  Well, we're changing that tonight--no heart-shaped pizza, no Jello hearts, no basketball games; instead, even though it's a school night, my sweetheart and I are throwing caution to the wind and going out for dinner on Valentine's Day!

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