Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saving the Union

Nearly thirty-five years ago, someone (I wish I could remember who) gave Steve and me a set of twenty-four glasses for our wedding. There were eight tall glasses, eight medium-size tumblers, and eight small juice glasses. Over the years, one by one, we've broken all but two: one tall, one small, and it's been a running joke between Steve and me that when those last two glasses break, the marriage will be over. Instead of wrapping them in bubble wrap to preserve our union, we keep them in the cupboard with all the other glasses. I never touch them, but interestingly, Steve uses the small glass every single day, actually twice a day: in the morning for orange juice and in the afternoon for the milk he drinks with his sourdough hard pretzels (don't ask--it's a food quirk I've never understood). So either he thinks it's cheating never to use the glasses, or he's ready for a change! When the kids were home at Christmas, somehow the story of the glasses came up (probably because Steve was tossing the small glass in the air and catching it behind his back--haha). So last night, Darton and Emma arrived for Mother's Day weekend with their dogs, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and a bag from a thrift store in Rochester containing, you guessed it: four matching glasses: two tall and two small--thereby saving the union for years to come!


  1. I love this!!!!! I am constantly bringing home things from the thrift store that we had as a kid. I am forever trying to preserve my childhood.